Glasgow – The Modern City With the Medieval Past

Glasgow is home to many museums, catering to varying interests. These are unique in their style and approach giving visitors hours of endless entertainment. The Riverside Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Open Museum which offers during certain periods family events and the Scotland Street School Museum are just a very few of the options available.

For a touch of an era gone by the Glasgow, Willow Tea Rooms are ideal as they serve tea as it was done a century ago in the very same rooms, that were designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. If going just 100 years back is not enough try delving into Glasgow’s medieval past, there are many trails to follow which are sure to keep you enthralled. The architecture in Glasgow is a sight to behold and absorb though there are many new buildings that have taken over the city.

After all that time travel a visitor could feel quite tired once back in the present. Luckily Glasgow offers just under 100 parks and gardens for some much-needed relaxation, with a variety to select from.

Being so visitor-friendly Glasgow has an abundance of good accommodation and eateries and a Glasgow hotel can range from luxury to budget so individuals can select whatever option best suits their needs. The city’s pubs are fantastic while many restaurants dotting the city serve authentic Glaswegian cuisine using local produce and sometimes these pubs and bars play host to live bands adding to the ambiance. However, do not despair as there are many foreign food restaurants as well, so all palettes are catered for.

Glasgow is home to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and as such theatre goers are in for a treat, as a range of different theatre productions from the old school, to black drama to comedy are usually on offer. Also, the city has an exciting nightlife with many nightclubs giving patrons the opportunity to party until the wee hours of the morning.